About Carmen
About Carmen (she/her/ella)

I’m Carmen, a proud first-generation Peruvian American Latina dedicated to empowering you and your teams to achieve their highest potential. With a deep-rooted understanding of diverse cultural perspectives, I bring a unique blend of insight and innovative strategies to the table. As your thought partner, I’m committed to unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.

I have over 17 years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Human Resource professional, empowering professionals in building confidence, finding balance, and developing lasting leadership skills. I take a fit-for-purpose approach to support leaders like you to reach the next level through professional development, speaking engagements, and personalized leadership coaching.

I am eager to connect with leaders like you to contribute to your continued success and well-being.

Carmen Leadership Coach trainer
My Core Values
Achieve Authentically

At the heart of my approach is authenticity, fostering an environment where everyone can embrace their whole selves. This involves recognizing and using unique strengths and perspectives to build trust and genuine connections. My philosophy goes beyond achieving milestones; rather centering the person as a whole is fundamental to leadership development and personal growth.

Success Through Wellness

This value underscores the harmony of personal and professional aspirations with a dedication to mental, physical, and emotional health. Sustainable success is that which enhances overall well-being. This value advocates for a mindful and comprehensive approach to achievement, emphasizing that well-being is not a separate aspect but an essential factor that enriches the journey and realization of professional goals.

Collaboration & Inclusion

This value reflects a commitment to nurturing a workplace culture that thrives on the collective strength of diverse perspectives. It is about ensuring everyone feels valued and belongs. This core value highlights the significance of collaboration as a key driver of innovation, productivity, and success, and underscores the importance of creating an inclusive space where differences are recognized, celebrated and necessary.

Why Work Together


I have witnessed well-intended efforts miss the mark at the cost of employees and their well-being. I have a demonstrated track record in working with diverse audiences and coaching leaders.

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Why Work Together

A Quality Investment

Choosing to invest in yourself and your team now is a purposeful decision for those aspiring to long-term success for their people and the success of their business.

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Why Work Together

Tailored Approach

I take the time to understand the specific challenges, goals, and aspirations of my clients. This personalized touch ensures that we are aligned in our work and creates an effective and meaningful experience.

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Why Work Together

Results Driven

I focus on achieving results for those who are motivated to see real change in their lives and careers.

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