What My Clients Have to Say
Training Participants

Carmen is a dynamic and engaging speaker with extensive experience leading groups of learners from various backgrounds. Her conversations are relevant, inclusive, educational, and most of all, fun! It is a pleasure to learn from and engage with her.”

Lisbeny Durán, MS Learning and Development Manager at Travel + Leisure Co.

Carmen is an incredible facilitator, capable of engaging small and large groups in open and impactful discussions. Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to witness a lot of facilitation through my role and groups I’ve been part of. Carmen truly CONNECTS while keeping the whole group on the mission, and I can truly say that I’ve rarely witnessed that done on the level that she does it. Would highly recommend Carmen as a facilitator to anyone anywhere.”

Laura Lowe, Business Analysis Advisor, AVP, PNC Certified Minority Business Advocate

Carmen facilitated virtual group dialogues following leadership skills sessions. In doing so, she always showed professionalism, integrity, and authenticity.

She always made sure everyone had space to share thoughts and ideas and fostered an environment of respect. Her sessions were always insightful and energizing, and we always looked forward to this time when we could share what we learned and process the information together.

I really look forward to future opportunities where we can collaborate with Carmen and inspire myself and others to bring their best and authentic selves from a personal and professional standpoint.”

Paloma Diaz Candelas, Material Manager, GE Vernova

“I had the pleasure of having Carmen as my Advancing Latino Leadership (ALL) guide. Every week she’d walk our group through discussions on various leadership topics as part of HACRs ALL curriculum. She was a wonderful facilitator with a gentle, non judgmental way of getting us all to self reflect, dig deep and open up about the areas we were struggling in, the goals we’d like to achieve and the specific actions we were going to take to get us there. Carmen is a master facilitator with a warm, welcoming, and fun disposition. She was also very honest and down to earth which helped us all feel very comfortable and like she was able to relate to our personal and professional experiences. She also was very knowledgeable about the topics being discussed and provided us very valuable feedback as we worked through each session. I highly recommend her as a professional coach and consider her a powerful asset to the Latine community.”

Jessica Karelas, Associate Director, Product Source Management at Merck

“Our team at TurnAround and I are all so deeply thankful for Carmen’s work. Her presentation on Self-Care and Mental Wellness was incredibly helpful and informative, and she delivers the content with such compassion and sincerity. She is moving and are so grateful.”

-Angeles Evans, Senior Manager of Community Engagement, TurnAround, Inc.


“Love working with Carmen. She has helped me develop into my new position as manager. She is very skilled, supportive, genuine and personable. The support and guidance received has helped me overcome all the anxiety and the stress of stepping into a new role in my career. Thank you, Carmen!”

Genesis Romero, Agency Manager, Omar Juarbe State Farm Agency

I highly recommend Carmen for professional development! I am in the process of opening my own Insurance agency in California and  Carmen has been able to help me build my engaging communicators to be able to network and build on my agency. She is very responsive and transparent with her coaching. Her passion for developing others comes across clearly in her program. Im excited to continue working with her in my team’s development! Thank you Carmen!”

Floribel Ferriera, State Farm Insurance Agent

“I highly recommend Carmen for professional development! She is exceptionally responsive and genuine in her coaching. Her dedication to empowering individuals is evident in her program, which creates a nurturing and motivating atmosphere. I am excited to continue working with her to enhance my development and my journey toward authentic leadership. Thank you, Carmen, for your wealth of knowledge and warm, approachable demeanor. I wholeheartedly endorse her services!”

Joseph Gonzales, Operation / Engineer Manager, Intel Corporation

“Carmen caused a Paradigm shift in me and my organization which has improved work/life balance for me and my team in so many ways I can’t count.

I highly recommend her!!! As a business owner there are so many intangibles that affect your bottom line and how I interact/lead my team is one of the biggest ones.

She guides and helps my self-reflect: am I being the type of leader I want to be? Am I self-sabotaging? Does my team have the right mindset? Am I instilling the right mindset? Have I communicated my goals clearly and effectively? These are just some of the questions that Carmen helped me address.

Long story short….as a business owner we usually don’t have someone that can provide you feedback to help you improve (only when something blows up in your face).

She has helped me avoid a lot of the pitfalls that usually cause to myself. So thank you Carmen for all your hard work with helping me become a better leader! Can’t recommend you enough!”

Omar Juarbe, Owner/Agent at State Farm Agent


Carmen Bolivar is one of the most brilliant women I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. She has a unique ability to show genuine compassion and also challenge those around her to bring 100% of their best work and their best self 100% of the time. She is a non-profit leader with unparalleled skills to mobilize teams toward a unified goal. Carmen is one of a kind; a dynamic public speaker, funny and motivated with meticulous organizational skills. You will not find another person able to bring her well-rounded skillset to the table. I was lucky to call her my colleague and I am fortunate to call her my friend. Anyone who has the opportunity to get to work and collaborate with Carmen should consider it a privilege, your team will benefit and you will learn so much from her!”

LaVonne Pepe, MSW, DEI Specialist, Owner & Founder ELLEvate LLC.

“Working with Carmen improved our workflows and increased our revenue! My organization hired Carmen as a Clinical Consultant to solve a particular clinical workflow/process problem. Not only did she create a thorough and efficient process and procedure to tackle this problem, she also trained our staff on how to implement it. Through her clinical expertise, training development and her ability to understand our unique environment our expectations were met and exceeded! We felt the financial impact of her work within weeks after implementation. As if this wasn’t enough, Carmen was also a crucial team member in the company’s ability to expand the services we can offer and which will have a direct positive impact to our revenue.”

Karina Checo, CRCR, Revenue Cycle Executive

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Carmen on consulting projects. She consistently demonstrated a high level of competence, filling critical gaps with strategic insights and effective solutions. Carmen worked with me at a time of transition in our organization, handling confidential information with the utmost professionalism. Her keen business savvy and emotional intelligence was evident in her recommendations, always aligning with and contributing to our broader business goals.

– Dr. Kalkidan G. Smith, SVP/Finance at Alteristic, Founder & CEO Kalformativ

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